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We provide first class Yahoo Answer service. Yahoo Answer is a forum whereby you ask any question and you receive answers from real people. You could be wondering, of what benefit is this? Here are the facts yo need to know.

One of the things Google checks before ranking your webpage is the amount of backlinks you have, linking to your website. Yahoo has a page rank of 9 which is almost the highest you can get and only few websites have this page rank. With our Yahoo Answer service, we promote your website/webpage providing you with referral traffic and natural backlinks from a PR9 website.

Yahoo Answer allows only certain levels of users to add a clickable external URL link on their forum. We have accounts that are permitted to do this. We normally search for open questions that are related to your niche/target market and we offer a detailed answer and at the same time promote your website/webpage. For example, if a user asks a question on Yahoo Answer, “where do I get size 10 shoe for prom?” We then do a research on your behalf and give a detailed and professional answer as well as suggest an external website to the user to get more information. So a backlink has therefore being created on yahoo answer which will be seen by million of users thereby generating traffic to your website.

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