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Premium Proxies

Premium Proxies

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Premium proxies have proved to be a very useful tool in internet marketing. Do you spend hours searching and scrapping proxies, only to find out the proxies are dead or private? The search is over!

We provide you with premium proxies that have been tested and filtered before use. The proxies come in a zipped folder which contains several .txt lists of proxies for over 100 countries (US, UK, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Australia, Germany, Brazil, Egypt, and so on). For each country, the proxies are arranged in orders of speed, with the high speed proxies are at the top of the list. There is also an additional .txt file that contains all the proxies compiled together.

We send out fresh premium proxies on a daily basis which on the average are over 1000 proxies. Here is what you get:

  •   High speed and live proxies.
  •   Premium proxies for 100+ countries.
  •   Fresh proxies on a daily basis.

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